707 Lofts

19 Jun
707 Lofts

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Builder’s Description: Bloorcourt Village embraces its rich ethnic mix to create an inviting neighbourhood of endless lifestyle possibilities. It’s here, where Dovercourt meets Bloor, that Enirox Group are creating 707 Lofts — a loft-inspired condominium residence, where thoughtful design and utilization of space allow for great comfort and luxurious living.

Price: From Just under $200,000 with upto $10,000 in cash back. Please call me for floor plan and price list.

Located in Bloorcourt Village, 707 Lofts is expected to offer true loft designs and a maximization of living space. Tact Design will be designing the interior of the building. The company has designed Market Wharf Condominiums.

The future lobby of 707

For those unfamiliar with the area that 707 Lofts is located, Little
Italy and Bloorcourt Village are right on the development’s

Little Italy, of course, really needs no introduction. Some of
the best restaurants, shopping and nightlife in the city are located along
Little Italy’s College strip. But you probably knew that already. However, what
you may not have known is the incredibly diverse Bloorcourt Village is one of
Toronto’s up-and-coming shopping districts.

The Village is a rich ethnic
mix that will expand your mind. There are many Ethiopian restaurants that are
well-worth checking out. Ever tried Wat with injera? No? Well you should, it’s
awesome! Also located on the Bloorcourt strip are some excellent Portuguese,
Greek and Korean restaurants and shops.

A rendering of a suite in 707
Lofts. We’re digging it for sure.

Another attribute
that really stands out is the number of parks in the neighbourhood surrounding
707 Lofts. And we’re not
talking little parkettes that are basically just some grass and a bench, these
major green spaces include Christie Pitts, Dufferin Grove Park and Dovercourt
Park. To the north, to the south, to the east, there’s plenty of park to go


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