Built entirely from recycled materials

24 Aug

Built entirely from recycled materials, these two homes bring a whole new meaning to “going green”.

The first home is located in Argentina and is made from plastic bottles. According to Tree Hugger, the walls have over 1200 PET bottles and the ceiling has more than 1300 Tetra Pak cartons.

The house is built by Alfredo Santa Cruz and his family. Cruz said that “domestic waste can be transformed into useful stuff. We developed our own technique, which allows people to build a house that’s perfectly functional at a very low cost and with their own hands. This is not just a project, but a reality.”

And, that reality is pretty darned impressive.

The second home is located in the Czech Republic. It is made out of entirely recycled materials, and was built on the site of an existing barn. According to InHabitat, “The brief for the Conceptual Object in Vernerice called for an inexpensive and energy-efficient  house with a small environmental footprint.”

Check out the neat pictures of these “recycled” homes below:

A peek inside the “pop bottle” walls.

A close look at how the pop bottles are stacked to create the structure.

Despite the recycled materials, this home has a rustic feel.

The recycled materials helps this home blend into its surroundings. Source:

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