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Kleinburg Reserve


Kleinburg Reserve on the Boulevard is a new housing project by Quintessa Homes Corporation currently under construction at 10995 Highway 27 in Kleinburg. Available houses start at over $1,200,000. The project has a total of 79 units.

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Kleinburg Reserve on the Boulevard:

Inspired by the country setting of Kleinburg and its fine heritage character, the Architecture of Kleinburg Reserve “on the boulevard“, draws on only the richest styles of heritage design. Using the finest of materials, dramatic roof slopes, fine detailing and craftsmanship, the styles evoke images of French Country, French Chateau and English Country Manors, emulating the finest examples of quality country heritage architecture. Elegant cut stone, rusticated random walling, intricate roofscapes, bay windows, tower elements, and elaborate window surrounds are all components which allow for the elegant execution of the heritage inspired styles in Kleinburg Reserve “on the boulevard”, by Quintessa Homes Corporation.


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